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If you are planning to move to Jamaica, or at least spend some time there, and need a way to finance it, why not consider a travel blog? Starting a travel blog is easier than ever in 2021. You can check out some website design inspiration to get an idea of ​​how your blog will look. By using a website builder, you can create a beautiful site without any prior experience. And with international travel still difficult for many, now is the perfect time to make your mark.

Spending time living in Jamaica can be your dream come true, and the good news is, it’s the perfect place to write a travel blog. There is an amazing combination of all the factors that contribute to travel writing success. All you need is some personal experience, some writing skills, and a website.

Here are some of the reasons Jamaica is the perfect destination for a travel blog.

Occasional photography

Every travel blog needs high-quality images of the beautiful sites the writing refers to. Unless you are a professional photographer, this can seem like a skill that you simply cannot acquire. However, the reality is that Jamaica makes it very easy.

Before I explain why it’s so easy, it’s important to point out that you need a good camera. Newer smartphone cameras will pretty much do today, but you’d better get a pro-level camera.

In Jamaica all you need is a few tips on how to frame the shot you want to capture and you are guaranteed to take some winning shots. The reason is that Jamaica’s natural beauty is already brilliant and vibrant. Each scene has strong colors that contrast beautifully with each other. You don’t need to find a way to focus, because natural color palettes do it organically.

That said, there are some retouching that will make your photos look more professional.


Many places people visit for a beach vacation are incredibly boring. If you like to sit by the sea all day long, you will love the holidays. Otherwise, you will be hard pressed to find anything to do. Jamaica is not one of those places.

Regular visitors to Jamaica love the country for its culture more than for its natural beauty. Jamaican culture is so interesting because, like the rest of the Caribbean, it stems from a mix of African and European cultures.

The country’s population is ethnically diverse, which leads to a wider range of experiences. The people who live there have a holistic perspective of the world. They are interesting and welcoming to tourists, happy to share their culture with the world.


The same applies to food. Food in Jamaica is unique as it fuses European and African cuisine, as well as the cuisine of the island itself. The end product is as explosive in flavor as you can imagine.

As a travel blogger, you can share your experiences trying different foods, whether at restaurants or roadside stalls. Street food in 2021 is not as appealing to some people, due to the heightened sense of hygiene triggered by the pandemic. Nonetheless, if you are prepared to eat at stalls that follow good hygienic practices, you will have a lot to share with your readers.

Jamaican food is also visually interesting, so your camera skills will again come into play here.

Respectful touch

Jamaican culture is not always treated with respect by the world. Patois is a common example, with celebrities using it in deaf displays of cultural appropriation. When you live in Jamaica, you can give your readers a respectful introduction to the dialect.

You can also give a respectful introduction to Rastafarianism. Many Americans have taken Rastafarianism and used it as a synonym for Stoner culture. It couldn’t be further from the reality of what it is. Living in Jamaica, you can give your travel blog readers a real understanding of what Rastafarians believe and the lifestyle they embrace.

You can do the same with Reggae music, which originated among Rastafarians in Jamaica, and which has been used in social justice movements that have changed the world. It’s not what much of America pretended to be. As you learn, you will also help educate.

Jamaica is the perfect place to start a travel blog. With international travel is back to normal, maybe it’s time to take the plunge. In what was once a saturated realm, your insight will now be welcome.



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