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Charleston, South Carolina, Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Inspired by Walt Whitman’s “Song of the Open Road,” there’s something joyful about hitting the road in search of adventure and oneself. For Frank Cloutier, vacations on the road have been a lifelong passion, and his knowledge and expertise in the subject has been honed over the past fifty years. During his many trips from coast to coast, Cloutier learned to appreciate the vastness and wonders of America’s natural beauty from the comfort and ease of an RV, and he believes that there’s no better way to experience all the country has to offer.

A RV veteran, Cloutier has come a long way since his first trip to Alaska in a pop-up trailer in 1964. Fast forward to 2008, when he spent five months touring the country in a campervan from 40 feet. In his new book A tour of America Cloutier offers readers an insight into the diary he kept throughout the 2008 trip. Featuring 200 striking images of his itinerary, the book is the perfect guide for anyone looking to travel by motorhome, and the ideas and Cloutier’s escapades open the door to those looking to escape the routine of everyday life.

As the RV community rapidly expands to younger generations, especially post-pandemic, Cloutier sparks a desire for exploration and sparks everyone’s imagination, even providing an outlet for those who cannot travel. Whether planning a trip to a national park or just dreaming of the open road, readers are treated to a sunny and entertaining tale of the pleasures and rewards of exploring America in an RV.

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About the Author:

Frank Cloutier is the author of To speak frankly. He has been traveling across the United States in motor homes since the early 1960s, covering more than 350,000 miles. He graduated from West Point, the University of Alaska and the University of Oklahoma. He currently lives in Charleston, SC.


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