Mehreen Syed launches a beauty blog


After establishing herself as one of the top Pakistani models, Mehreen Syed is now ready to offer us a desi guide on all things of beauty. She recently launched her blog titled

With a star-studded editorial team including fashion heavyweights Hassan Sheheryar Yasin and Deepak Perwani, the blog aims to cover all facets of beauty for South Asian women aged 15-35.

A visual treat, the website includes articles on makeup, hair, skin care, fashion, fitness, health and lifestyle. desi experts from all over the world.

Syed tells L’Express Tribune about “The Dream Team”: “The team behind desibeauty has been carefully selected to ensure quality content. We have as iconic members desis from California, Toronto, Chicago, London, Brussels, Dubai, Lahore and Mumbai to make sure we offer a global perspective.

Our favorite section has to be Nani K Totkay, which reflects the South Asian tradition of appreciating and following the advice of elders. The section’s description reads familiarly: “All we know is that Nani K Totkay is our good old man nani jee, full of love, full of advice and desi totkays! “We love it!

Many online beauty guides provide general advice on beauty and health care. Desibeauty is designed to meet the beauty needs of South Asian women which is a breath of fresh air. Of the vision behind the blog, Syed says, “[It attempts to] fill a gap – it is a source of [help] for South Asians and focuses on beauty, inside and out.

We wish Syed and the Desibeauty dream team all the best!

Posted in The Express Tribune, January 12e, 2014.

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