Introducing a new health and fitness blog


Through Lori Nickel of Sentinel Journal

This is a blog for the average person who cares about health and fitness.

From interval training to running, kickboxing to Zumba, food journaling and calorie counting, this blog will explore the methods (and the insanity) of the ordinary person trying to get – and stay in. form -.

It’s not just about hitting a weight goal within a certain time frame, although we can talk about it. It’s not just about training for a big-scale event like a marathon, although we’ll see that as well.

This blog is about the daily steps on the path to health and fitness for all of us, whether it started years ago in youth sports – or just in the last five minutes. It’s about going to the gym or going outside and getting a good workout. It’s about finding ways to shop, cook, and dine in a way that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

A word of warning: this blog is not written by that perfect and gorgeous trainer who does bench press with Priuses and never eats Pringles. (May I suggest Jillian Michael’s Facebook page for that.) This blog will come from a place of countless Weight Watchers meetings, unsuccessful attempts at fad diets, and an undiagnosed but certainly real fear of the scales. .

And yet there is always the need, after a fall, to get up and return to the gym. In other words, keep your chin up. Don’t go down and stay down. Keep on fighting.

After years of covering top pro, college and prep athletes as a sports writer, I wanted a fitness blog for the rest of us.

So, if you’ve ever looked for a bike ride to clear your head …

Or delighted with the pleasure of completing your first 5K in front of street sweepers …

If you’ve ever been to the gym instead of Krispy Kreme…

Or went to the gym after your trip to Krispy Kreme…

If you’ve ever had so much pain after working your triceps that shampooing hurts the next day …

Or I thought the burpee was a brand of garden seeds and the boards were for pirates…

Then I invite you to come back here and check out the blog, post your comments and suggestions, and share your struggles and triumphs. Or, just laugh and make fun of mine.


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Lori Nickel covers the Packers, writes other sports articles, and also writes a weekly health and fitness column and blog, Chin Up.


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