HeyGorJess offers quick tips for growing your beauty blog



Back then, most of us were taught to strive for success the conventional way: get a high school diploma, graduate from college, and work 9 to 5. This proven path leads nowhere. , but technology has also fostered / or alternative paths to success; blogs being the most notable.

Beauty bloggers have as much influence as editors and industry professionals. And, with social media as the primary mode of communication, readers have privileged access to what’s going on “to come” in hair, makeup and skin care.

Anyone who dominates the digital space will tell you that it takes a lot of work and a lot of patience to get praise, but it’s not completely impossible. Since 2013, Jessica Franklin has done just that by seamlessly blending faith, fashion, and beauty through HeyGorJess.com.

Anchored by the timeless beauty secrets passed down within her family, Jessica is one of the most recognizable faces who brings our shade of beauty to the masses. So much so that we recruited her (as well as mom!) For the ESSENCE BeautyBox “Generation Gorgeous” campaign.

When she wasn’t sharing her beauty expertise with the camera, we quickly learned that her job is more than it looks. If you’re ready to launch your own brand like Jessica, keep reading her wonderful guide to beauty blogging success in 2016.



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