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If you’ve paid attention to the lyrics of any random handful of songs from Big Black, Rapeman, or Shellac, listened to the jokes between the songs of the man, read the writing of the zine, that Gluttony Questions and answers, or more recent interviews, and / or seen him act as a resident ATP poker dealer, you know Steve Albini has a wide variety of interests. So it shouldn’t be surprising that he has a cooking blog. It’s called mariobatalivoice, captioned “What I did to Heather for dinner”. Earlier this week it was “Orzo with egg yolk and tomato”, before “Trottoli, an unusual paste” and so on. Each entry is quite detailed and entertaining (it walks through relevant anecdotes, life philosophies.) Great photos too. Here’s a representative clip of Born Against / Universal Order of Armageddon’s star drummer and pastry chef Brooks Headley and his relationship to Steve’s Tomato Sauce.

Completely random confluence between my professional life as a sound engineer and my passion for cooking, I know Del Posto’s pastry chef, Brooks Headley. He was the drummer for several bands before he got too busy as a conductor, and I was fortunate enough to both record him and keep in touch with him over the years as he became a Michelin-starred chef. with an adventurous and tasteful approach to food. . Part of the tasting menu was a small plate of gnocchi dressed with nothing more than chopped tomatoes from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. No salt, no pepper, no cheese, no herbs, nothing. The tomatoes were fantastic, bright, astringent, with a substantial body and a complex, juicy texture. They had wine, dirt, smoke and shit sub-tastes, they were amazing. This dish was a real eye-opener, as I tend to fiddle with sauces, and I realized that I was probably doing more than I needed.

For the first meal in Chicago, I wanted to do something with a simple similar tomato vinaigrette, but we had nothing to make gnocchi, no potatoes, no pumpkin, no semolina, nothing…


Look, I tried. I honestly tried not to do anything with tomatoes, just couldn’t stop. It was tasty. The orzo absorbed enough broth to have a nice flavor, the egg yolk added a nice richness that was offset by the tomato, and the olive oil and Parmesan were a nice seasoning. There was nothing wrong with it. I’m doomed to fall short of the ideal, so what. It is the human condition and I am human.

Become more and more jealous of Heather’s menu at mariobatalivoice (Going through The daily swarm). One more to consider:

Not only did I need to cook dinner for the love of my life, but also some snacks for the game of poker, and like an idiot I mentioned the spring rolls in the group email to the poker crowd. I was addicted to spring rolls, but had nothing prepared for spring rolls other than the rice paper wrappers …

Quite demanding poker group. While we’re here, don’t forget the longtime sports blog of Gerard Cosloy, American indie rock icon / traveler / sometimes grumpy old man, I can’t stop the bleeding.


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