5-year-old films her own beauty blog, cuts all of her hair


When you’re five, figuring out why your mom decides your hairstyle is out of reach.

A little lady took matters into her own hands, trying a new career while she was at it.

Aubrey Arnold, 5, was trying to be a beauty blogger and with her mother’s back turned, she managed to cut almost all of her hair.

And it’s not just a little cut from the ends, it’s a full cut all the way to the scalp.

After applying some pretty skillful lipstick around her mouth, Aubrey found a pair of scissors and decided to go work on her hair.

Her mother, who posted the self-taught video to Facebook, can be heard speaking in the background, so she is clearly very close.

But the little hands are busy as the parents look away, and she has found it.

Aubrey doesn’t hesitate to use the sharp scissors for her long locks and is happy to trim her bangs.

Picking up locks of hair, she looks at the camera as she cuts, cuts, cuts.

Currently, the video has been viewed over 17 million times after her mother posted it to her Facebook account.

Debbie Arnold said, “Is that how you started, EmmaLee Wolf?”

Noteworthy is the skill involved in Aubrey’s mop cut, with a handkerchief under his chin to keep stray hairs off his skin.

Nicky Clarke may well still have competition.


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