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Own car is nowadays in many cases necessary for normal functioning. It is most often used for commuting, shopping and on many other occasions. A good choice of car is a very broad topic – this article will only discuss the financial side of buying a car.

Car loan or loan?

Car loan or loan?

If we have already found the right car offer, we must collect the necessary funds to buy them.

If we buy a car straight from the salon or a car costing over $ 10-15 thousand and we do not have our own free savings for this purpose, only banks remain. They provide car loans and you can also use bank cash loans (for any purpose).

What if we buy a second-hand second-hand car at a price of several thousand zlotys and we do not get a bank loan? Here, ad hoc help (but let’s add: quite expensive) can be non-bank companies that grant loans in installments.

Another option when buying a car is a loan from family / friends. This is certainly the cheapest option – often free. However, not everyone has this opportunity.

Which loan offers are worth checking out

Which loan offers are worth checking out

If you decide to buy a car loan from a loan company, check the long-term loans comparison. The maximum amounts of such liabilities are often $ 10-15 thousand. The advantage of non-bank loans is the relatively easy availability and speed of withdrawal – if, for example, we have already agreed with the seller to inspect the car, it may matter.

What is worth remembering when buying a car?

Choosing the right car is important because it has further financial consequences. Starting from the cost of refueling (gas installation allows for huge savings, however, it costs about $ 3,000, and the inspections are more expensive), through third party liability insurance (many car parameters and driver’s data affect the premium amount), to repair costs (failure of a given brand and model).

Choosing the right car is usually a compromise – most often we want the car to be reliable, cheap to maintain, spacious, reasonably economical, but also fast. And preferably inexpensive. Of course, reconciling all these aspects is not easy and you will probably have to give up something. However, satisfaction with your own “four wheels” will definitely compensate for this.

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